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About me

Plants, adventure, sustainability and self love

HI! I'm Roos (Dutch spelling of Rose). I am a content creator, yoga teacher and entrepreneur from The Netherlands. I create daily content about plants, sustainability and self love on my Instagram (124k), YouTube (42k) and TikTok (12k). I also organise events to bring people together, am a speaker and I recently started selling merch. Oh and tho I'm in a long term committed relationship with a great guy, I'm bi and part of the LGBTQ+ community. Social justice, inclusion and equality are super important to me. Welcome! 

Yoga teacher

I started yoga back in 2000 at age 15 (my parents made me). After my first yoga teacher training I started teaching in 2009. Fun fact: I am a third generation yoga teacher! My maternal grandparents both practiced yoga, and grandma taught it too (when the regular teacher was away). Both my parents are yoga- and meditation teachers, we actually used to organise retreats together. In 2017 I did another ytt and started teaching yoga fulltime. The many weekly classes, different studios and very different students helped me gain invaluable teaching experience. Those students and some personal injuries taught me how to adjust poses for limitations and injuries and to make class welcoming for everyone. Because of covid and a serious head injury, in 2020 I had to stop teaching weekly classes, now I mainly teach for businesses, at events and privates.



Funny story, I seem to love making businesses out of what I love to do. Like how I started my first business back in university when I couldn't find a beanie to match my snowboard jacket - so I made it. And then my friends wanted some too. (Being raised by a very creative mum and grandma plus having done Steiner (Waldorf) school helped of course.) Or how I realised I wanted to be around animals more, and needed to be outside so I started a pet sitting business while recovering from a burnout :) Many fluffy cats and dogs were cuddled. Now I have found my niche in the plant world. 


Gekiemde plant
IMG_6013 3.JPG

Plant questions?

My favourite places?


If you have a plant question, you can book a consult with me - we meet up via zoom and you can show me the plant and ask all your questions.

I get asked almost daily what my favourite planty places and shops are. So I've made a list, you can find it HERE

Want to work with me? Please contact me with 'collab' in the subject line via and tell me your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

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