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Help to understand the merch 👍🏻

Sizes: If you're in the US please size up. This brand uses different sizing in Europe (the label says EU size L, US size M).

There are 3 designs (for now). LOGO is my adorable but basic logo, embroidered. ROOS is the illustration of my face surrounded by plants. ZEN is the illustration of a peaceful person sitting surrounded by plants, with the words 'Plants make me feel zen' underneath. 

For the t-shirts, there is one unisex model and one (womens) fitted model. The sweaters come in 3 options: one without a hood called 'sweatshirt'. Two with hoods: one with a front pocket called 'front pocket' that comes in several colours and one with side pockets, conveniently called 'side pockets' 😅👍🏻 This one only comes in black and white. 

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