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Yoga, meditation and self love

Before there was @plantwithroos, there was @yogawithroos :)

Below, I linked my free yoga classes on YouTube, my yoga patreon for full length classes and my free self love course (once I figure out how to link that here)

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Yoga styles explained

Dru Yoga is a flowing, joyful form of yoga that is accessible to everyone - literally (there was an 80-yo taking my Dru teacher training with me!). The typical meditative slow-flow sequences of Dru help release tension and stress. Class always ends with a lovely relaxation. All levels welcome.

In Vinyasa Flow we connect breath with movement in a more vigorous way, often continuously moving the whole class. This makes it a bit more intense, but I always offer adjustments so everyone feels welcome. Get ready to move, breathe and sweat! All levels welcome, more physically demanding style.

Yin Yoga is a meditative form of yoga where we hold poses for several minutes. By relaxing the muscles, we work on the strength and flexibility of our facia, the connective tissues. Yin is different from all other styles of yoga and movement, and can really help bring balance and flexibility to your body. 


Beach yoga - weekly classes on the beach in Noordwijk with our feet in the sand and our hair in the wind. Everyone welcome, bring sunscreen. Seasonal, depending on the weather 🌞

Online Yoga Platforms that feature me

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Modellen in bodysuits

Sign up for my free self love course:

I still need to figure out how to link my course here - the fun of building a new website 🙄 Coming soon!

My Yoga Clients

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