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Looking for a specific topic?

Type in that word/sentence and add 'Roos' or 'Plant with Roos'. Since my name is so unique, it often shows my videos right at the top that way. For example: 'pest treatment roos'. 

I've also made different playlists to help.

Want to get in touch?

Because of the high volume of emails and DMs, I've made the below information to hopefully answer most questions.

If you have a plant question and don't see the answer below or on my youtube, I offer zoom calls to help with plant care, have a list of my favourite planty places and my contact details for collaborations below. Yay!


Gekiemde plant
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Plant questions?

My favourite places?


If you have a plant question, you can book a consult with me - we meet up via zoom and you can show me the plant and ask all your questions.

I get asked almost daily what my favourite planty places and shops are. So I've made a list, see below.

Want to work with me? Please contact me with 'collab' in the subject line via and tell me your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Grow lights

Soltech creates beautiful, high quality grow lights. 
Use my code PLANTWITHROOS for a discount: CLICK HERE (aff)

Pest control

Entocare is a Dutch company offering good bugs to prevent and treat pests. CLICK HERE
soil ninja.jpg

Soil blends offers soil blends and components. Sustainably focused!
Use my code PLANTWITHROOS for a discount: CLICK HERE (aff)

Gardening tools

Gardena is the brand I pick for my sheers and other plant tools. CLICK HERE

Sustainable pots

elho creates high quality pots from recycled plastic, and they're so pretty! CLICK HERE
archer and olive.webp


Archer & Olive create notebooks. Use my code PLANTWITHROOS for a discount: CLICK HERE (aff)

Accupressure mat

Pranamat ECO are great! Use my code PLANTWITHROOS for a discount: CLICK HERE

Vegan leather bags

Omybag vegan leather! Use my code OMBxROOS10 for a discount: CLICK HERE (aff)

Sustainable clothes

Colorful Standard: my fav. Use my code YOGAROOSCS10 for a discount: CLICK HERE

My fav places

Garden centers, botanical gardens and plant shops worth a visit

Plant consult

Show me your problem plants and ask me all your questions.

Products I love, via Amazon:




Join my Patreon

or YouTube membership. We have a private discord chat, monthly zoom calls and early access / helping decide what gets created first! 

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