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Found a pest? See this

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As a beginner plant parent, for the longest time I had no idea about pests. So when someone pointed out thrips damage on a photo I shared, I literally didn't see it, even after explaining. Funnily now whenever I visit friends or family, I immediately see the signs of pests :)

To help you identify pests early from the signs of the leaves and also the different stages of the pests, I've made this video:

Pests are normal and a part of owning plants. As Summer once said: it's about managing them, not trying to fully eradicate them. There's so many ways new pests can get into your house! I made a short video about that back in the day:

Did you know pests could come in on fruit? I've seen videos of thrips on raspberries! Or through the windows - thrips can kind of fly. Or on your clothes if you've been out somewhere! So don't feel bad if pests pop up - there is no way to prevent them unless maybe if you'd live in a fully closed off, sterilised home and nobody wants that :)


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