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Thrips - how to treat them?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Thrips are one of the most frustrating and devastating pests in my opinion. You can spray to get rid of them, but since they lay their eggs inside the plant tissue, in a week or two new thrips can emerge and you need to spray consistently for a long period. With as many plants as we have, this just wasn't it for me - plus all the chemicals that can be harmful to us and our pets!

I found beneficial insects to be the best way for me: since I started using them (from Entocare if you're in NL/DE/BE) life has become so much easier! As these little bugs do the work for me, I am now no longer stressed when I find a new pest. I just order new good bugs and have them do the work. This way of treating is also called integrated pest management or organic control. I highly recommend it and tell you more in this video:

Pests are normal and a part of having plants. I hope this helps to have you feel less worried about them and better prepared to handle them. Good luck!


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